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    Volunteers are in action today

    Source: the home station | release date: 2022-03-16 | views:
    Key words: Concentric fight against the epidemic, build a line of defense, create the epidemic prevention volunteers in action

    The epidemic is an order. 

    Prevention and control is responsibility

      近期,The COVID-19 epidemic spread throughout the city,The Party committee of the group actively responded to the requirements of epidemic prevention,More than 30 Party volunteers were quickly assembled and rushed to the front line,According to the prevention and control deployment arrangement of nucleic acid detection sites in Yaoguan Town,Support nucleic acid testing, site order maintenance, logistics support and other work,To contribute to the epidemic prevention and control war。

    Unite as one to fight the epidemic
    Gather together to overcome the difficulties

    Everyone is to blame for the pandemic

      There are no bystanders in epidemic prevention and control, and no outsiders in the charge of retrograde。Today, the volunteers, together with the medical staff and community personnel at the front line of prevention and control, are working together to build a barrier for the public. I believe that with concerted efforts, we will win the battle against the epidemic.

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