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    •   Jinchuang Real Estate Group was established in May 2005, which is one of the strategic layout of Jinchuang Holding Group for entering real estate and realizing diversified development。The business scope involves real estate investment, development, sales and sales of building materials, steel, decoration materials and other fields。After more than ten years of development, it has developed into a diversified development pattern of the whole industrial chain with residential real estate development as the leading, hotel commercial development and operation, and residential property management as a whole。

        The group has projects in many provinces and cities, including Jiangsu Jinchuang Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Huai 'an Jinchuang Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Jiangsu Tianyi Rui 'an Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Langxi Jinchuang Real Estate Co., LTD., Guangde Jinchuang Real Estate Co., LTD., Yueyang Jinchuang Real Estate Co., LTD。It has developed Cuiyuan Family, Jinchuang Tea Garden and Dingtai Garden in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province,Shangri-la and Xiangyi Tea Garden in Huaian, Jiangsu Province,The capital of Xingang in Yueyang, Hunan Province,Xiangyue Orchid Court, Xiangyue Rong Mansion and Xiangyi Tea Garden in Guangde, Anhui Province,Anhui Langxi Shangri-La, Xiangyi Tea Garden, Xiangyue Orchid Court, Langxi International Hotel and many other well-known local projects。

  • Huaian Shangri-La International Garden

    Huaian Xiangyi Tea Garden

    Langxi Shangri-la

    Langxi Xiangyi Tea Garden

    Langxi Hotel plot residential project

    Langxi International Hotel

    Heung Yue Wing House (West)

    Heung Yue Wing House (Eastern District)

    Guangde Xiangyue Lanting

    Guangde Xiangyi Tea Garden

    Guangde Xiangyuerong Mansion

    Kwangdevenlan House

    Yueyang New port capital

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