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    •   2019年,Enchuang has entered the 3C industry in India,Its joint venture JinHongyun Information Technology (India) Limited is located 25 km north of New Delhi,It is the main gathering place of multinational giants in the Internet and electronic communication field in India,Known as the "future factory of the world",Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, VIVO and Transsion factories are all built here。

        Jinchuang's Indian project has a total investment of nearly 700 million RMB, equipped with 25 complete assembly lines, and will become the third largest contract manufacturing enterprise in the Indian market upon completion。Import the electronic product R&D platform to realize R&D, design, production and finished product delivery of Indian electronic products。Monthly production capacity of 2 million mobile phones, annual production capacity of 10 million set-top boxes, 5 million TV sets, wireless routing and other electronic products。

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